Draftkings Sportsbook App: whats new in Aug 2021

Sports betting fans and casino lovers can now enjoy the DraftKings mobile app for iOS and Android play. The app has been developed with the end-customer firmly in mind, and we have reviewed many of the key features for the DraftKings app right here.

draftkings sportsbook app iphone
draftkings sportsbook app iphone


Draftkings Sportsbook App How to Download / Draftkings Desktop vs. Mobile
Draftkings App Android , IOS
Features Livebetting, cash out, Free Bet Up-To $1000, quick bet
Options All desktop functionality is availible to mobile users
Retail betting Hollywood Casino (West Virginia)
Ameristar Casino (Indiana)
Resorts Casino AC (New Jersey)
Scarlet Pearl Casino (Mississippi)
Del Lago Casino (New York)
Sportsbook App Betting New Jerasey
Mobile Betting West Virginia, Indiana,
Pennsylvania, New Hampshire
Mobile betting Arkansas
District Of Columbia
Rhode Island

How to Download the App



draftkings sportsbook app apple store
draftkings sportsbook app apple store


DraftKings has grown to become one of the most recognized sports betting brands in the USA, but many don’t quite understand that they are also a successful casino brand too. You can now access this mobile app and play for real money in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana and West Virginia. But there are strong indications that real money gaming with DraftKings will soon be available in Michigan, Illinois and Kansas. If you are just signing up and would like to obtain a draftkings promo code, the one provided by goldenpromocode.com will allow you to qualify for $1,000 sign up bonus


One thing is for sure – all DraftKings members no doubt know that the site supports mobile gaming. And of course before using the DraftKings mobile App, you need to know how to actually download this onto your mobile device.


If you are using an iOS device you must search the term ‘DraftKings’ in the App Store, and then click on the download button. There is nothing more to the iOS download than that. However, if the device that you are using is an Android device you must follow a slightly different process. This is largely because betting apps are no longer supported in the Google Play Store.


So to download the DraftKings app for an Android device, you first need to visit the DraftKings mobile site. After doing so, simply follow these steps outlined here:


  • Click the download for Android link (you will see the Android symbol next to this link)
  • Trust the APK file that your device is attempting to download
  • After downloading, login for the first time or create your account to ensure that the process has been successful


The good news is that after you have downloaded either of these apps, the performance of each is quite similar to each other. This is discussed in much greater detail throughout this DraftKings mobile app review.


Draftkings Sportsbook App Signup Bonus
Draftkings Sportsbook App Signup Bonus

How to Play DraftKings?


Playing Poker on Mobile 


If you’re wondering if you just read that incorrectly, don’t worry – you haven’t! DraftKings allows video poker play from their mobile app, even though the app is specified as a sports betting app. Of course this isn’t quite the fully-fledged poker rooms that are seen elsewhere, but DraftKings is still primarily a sports betting site. 


The video poker experience is one of five available casino games on the DraftKings app, and this number could well increase as we venture into . And when looking at the actual game play seen with this video poker game, it has to be said that it is okay, but not great. To classify as great we would expect to see huge variations to the in-game bonuses, and card combinations that payout at maybe 500-1 or higher.


So while you can play video poker on the app, you won’t get the feeling of being in a Vegas Casino! But you can spin the reels for as low as $0.10, which will greatly appeal to both beginner casino players and those with a smaller bank balance.


Sports Betting on Mobile


Draftkings Sportsbook App Placing Bets
Draftkings Sportsbook App Placing Bets

Now we enter the territory that this brand was built upon – sports and sports betting. Since the brand hugely popular in the USA, we expected to see a concentration on North American sports. And this is exactly what we found! The main leagues covered from the mobile app are NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and MMA. But they also cover global sports such as soccer, tennis, golf, rugby and motor racing. For all of these sports you will find bets including moneyline, over / under and spread bets as a main feature.


And since DraftKings has a very popular category known as fantasy sports betting, it comes as no surprise that this can also be accessed from the mobile app as part of the sports betting experience. There are contests to suit a wide variety of DraftKings members including season-long contests and head-to-head contests. The head-to-head contests also go hand-in-hand with the ability to communicate with friends via the mobile app.


If that wasn’t enough, DraftKings also facilitates live betting. Live betting is typically available for all major sports listed above. And all in-play as well as live bets can be accessed via the ‘my bets’ link, which is shortlisted on the left hand side of the homepage. 


Before we continue it is important to reiterate that real money bets can only be placed from NJ, PA, IN and WV. Keep an eye out for the soon-to-be changes in MI, IL, and KA however; as real money betting with DraftKings could be coming to you soon!


Live Broadcast on Mobile


As one of the major selling points for any online sports betting provider, many potential members look for live broadcasting features as one of the make-or-break elements. And as of this moment in time, live broadcasting is not available from the DraftKings mobile app.


While this is disappointing, DraftKings has managed to implement complementary features that would go well with live streaming. From the app you are able to access statistics, as well as a visual representation of what may be taking place in the game. Of course this is not an adequate substitute to live streaming, but it is at least an effort to show that they are trying to enhance the overall consumer experience. 


Casino Games on Mobile


As we touched upon previously, Casino gaming is accessible from the DraftKings app. The range is by no means extensive, but the fact that they have taken the time to implement Casino gaming is promising. The list of available casino games is as follows: 


  • Table games (blackjack and roulette)
  • Video slots (regular and jackpot)
  • Slingo
  • Video poker
  • Virtual sports


Clearly this doesn’t show an enormous depth of casino gaming, but the general quality of the games is satisfactory. 


DraftKings App – Other Assets

 Draftkings Sportsbook App How to Win

Flash Betting


This is one of the most talked-about and also one of the most exciting features with the DraftKings app. The flash bet section allows players to make live bets whereby if they are correct, the winnings are paid instantly. For example, if you enjoy betting on tennis – the flash bet feature will provide you with odds on each and every point of the game, and you can place a wager in quite literally less than a second. If you predict the outcome of the point correctly, this money will land in your account within seconds of the point finishing.


This feature definitely requires that you have a great Internet connection. So we recommend using the feature via Wi-Fi, or through an Internet connection with 4G or higher if you are on the move.


Betting Carousel Provides Easy Access 


Conscioius of the fact that sports betting can be quite intimidating to those doing it for the firts time, the draftkings mobile team has opted out of displaying a wide range of betting odds across the home screen of the app. Users can find those buried a little deeper inside the app. Instead, DraftKings presents a carousel highlighting the most relevant wagers. It’s dynamic, customized by an individual’s daily fantasy sports habits, their DK Live preferences, and their betting history.


This feature is enabled by a built in algorithm that monitors your betting activity. Don’t worry, this isn’t as scary as it sounds!  For example, if you have a history of placing spread bets on football games, this algorithm will take your preferences into account and generate suggested bets for you to place.


This ‘carousel’ will constantly rotate at the top of the mobile app, which can be both timesaving and exciting. If you like the suggested bets and want to place them, this can be done very quickly by just clicking the banner and heading to the relevant sporting event. And let’s be honest, after a while it can be frustrating to constantly search for an event that has attractive odds. This feature has removed this frustration, and you can choose to take it or leave it!


Cash Out 


No sportsbook is complete without allowing bets to be cashed out for immediate profits! This has become more and more popular amongst sports betting fans since it gives an edge over the bookmaker, rather than having things too one-sided in favor of the bookies. DraftKings has implemented the cash out option for many of their popular leagues, but it isn’t always available.


While you can cash out single bets as well as parlay bets from the platform, the bets do need to be going heavily in your favor before cash out is available. And on top of this, the cash out options aren’t always very generous!


Sportsbook App Reveiw Conclusion


The DraftKings app really is a mobile app that fulfills its intended purpose. Sports betting fans are constantly demanding more and more features to facilitate on the go betting, and the DraftKings app has thoroughly delivered on this demand. The app has even going to step further with some of the other mentioned features like flash betting and betting carousel.


The coverage for some of the most popular leagues in North America is excellent, and we really respected that live betting is typically available for the majority of games in these leagues. Live betting creates an environment of excitement, and any sports betting app that doesn’t integrate this feature really is falling off the pace. 


With all of these great features however, the DraftKings app isn’t seamless. They fall short in areas such as live streaming and their casino range. But there is talk that DraftKings plans to greatly develop these features within the next year or two, and these rumors have undoubtedly got sports betting and casino fans alike very excited!


Before signing up and getting started, please familiarize yourself with the legality of real money betting with DraftKings (IN, PA, WV and NJ) as well as the States where it could be coming soon (KA, IL, MI).