FanDuel vs Draftkings: Comparison & Exclusive Promotions

FanDuel and DraftKings both started as DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) providers. After the legalization of online sports betting in the United States, they both went into the business and quickly became fan favorites. In this article, you can see the comparison between the Sportsbooks and their features and promotions. I will rate each aspect and give you my final opinion.

FanDuel vs Draftking: Exclusive Promo Codes 

FanDuel vs Draftkings Welcome Offers Exclusive Promo Codes

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Sportsbook and Odds: DraftKings takes home the crown

DraftKings has a fantastic Sportsbook, and its top quality is the variety of sports, bets, and markets available. You might not believe this but check out these facts:

The available sports are sixteen, and almost all of them have at least two available leagues to bet on. For example, Football has three leagues you can place bets on (NFL, CFL, College Football). The most popular sport in the world – Soccer has over sixty leagues you can bet on ranging from the famous English Premier League to Israel’s “Ligat Ha’Al.” Impressive huh? Since we started talking about Football, I have to mention that DraftKings has much more available markets than FanDuel. Just for this sport some of the markets are:

  • Game Lines
  • Team Futures
  • Halves
  • Quarters
  • Game Parlays
  • Playoff Specials
  • Game Props
  • Team Props 
  • Draft

DraftKings also excels in the niche sports category. They provide markets for even the sports that don’t generate as many bets from customers. Let’s talk about Darts. First, it has three available leagues you can bet on, not only one like FanDuel. Second, once you choose which match you want to place your bet one, you have five markets to choose from:

  • Game Props
  • Game Lines
  • 180s
  • Checkouts
  • Player Props

Even the bet types you can choose from are more than the ones available on FanDuel:

  • Money line
  • Set Spread
  • Total Sets
  • Correct Set Score
  • Legs

And this is just the variety for one of the less popular sports like Darts. Imagine how many markets, bet types, and leagues will be available in sports like Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, or Ice Hockey.

DraftKings’s Odds are better than FanDuel’s. This is the opinion of many punters. Even though the difference between the odds is very little, overall, DK provides better odds. The odd formats you can choose from are:

  • American
  • Decimal
  • Fractional

With FanDuel, you have the opportunity to bet on fourteen sports. When it comes to Soccer, the leagues you can bet on are only twenty-four, compared to DraftKings – the numbers are low. When we talk about the most famous sport in America – Football, some of the available markets are:

  • Game Lines
  • Total Points Parlay
  • Same Game Parlay
  • Game Props
  • Quarters
  • Buy/Sell Points
  • Winning Margin

There are more unique markets to choose from, but the numbers aren’t as wide as DK’s.

When it comes to niche sports and the markets that go with them, FanDuel is still catching up with DK. For example, Darts only has one available market – Outright. Compared to DraftKings, the Sportsbook needs a lot of work from the available markets and sports to bet types.

The Odds at FanDuel are good overall, and many people prefer to play with them. But since we are comparing to a specific bookmaker, I have to say that DraftKings wins again. The difference between FanDuel’s odds and DK’s odds is slight, and even sometimes, the odds match, but it is still there. 

Welcome Bonus: Let’s call it a draw! 

I liked both the welcome bonuses, and since they were the same, I will call it a draw and give both bookies a point for this category.

FanDuel Welcome Bonus

  • With this Welcome Bonus, you get a Risk-Free bet.
  • You have to be a new customer to get this offer.
  • You will get this bonus if your first qualifying bet loses.
  • If the qualifying bet doesn’t lose, you won’t get a refund.
  • The refund will be up to $500.
  • The refund will be credited within seventy-two hours of the expiration of the promotional period.
  • You can’t withdraw the refund amount; you must use it on the Sportsbook page.

FanDuel’s Welcome offer is almost precisely the same as DK’s. I would think that we see the same offer on different websites and would rate this bonus a 5/5.

DraftKings Welcome Offer 

  • This Welcome Bonus will give you a Risk-Free bet.
  • You must be a new customer to be eligible.
  • If the first bet loses, you will be rewarded the free bet.
  • If the first bet wins, you will only be credited with the profit.
  • The matched amount is up to $500.
  • The bonus amount is paid as a Free Bet.
  • You must use the Free Bet within 30 days of the first bet.
  • You can’t withdraw the Free Bet amount; you can only use it on the Sportsbook.

Who did it first? I can’t say, but these two bookies have the same welcome bonus. The only difference is that at DK, they reward you with a Free Bet, and with FanDuel, you get a site-only refund. I would rate this welcome offer a 5/5. 

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Bonus for Existing Players: DraftKings takes the prize!

DraftKings takes the title in this category. They have better numbers, better quality, and better imagination and innovation. It may seem like we are choosing DraftKings juts because they have more Bonuses, but it is not only because of this. The bonuses themselves are much more exciting and attract many more people. FanDuel needs to learn from them when it comes to Bonuses and Promotions.

DraftKings’s Offers 

  • Special Daily Odds Boosts
  • Parlay Insurance
  • Refer a Friend Offer
  • NBA Insurance
  • Deposit Bonus
  • Sportsbook Missions

DraftKings has more imagination when it comes to pleasing their existing customers. Not only do they offer them more bonuses than FanDuel, but they have thought of exciting ways to make betting different and fun. I will give this section 5/5.

FanDuel’s Offers 

  • Parlay Insurance
  • Keep the Cash Trivia
  • Boosted Odds
  • NBA Insurance

FanDuel offers little to no promotions for existing clients. Their single unique bonus is their season-long trivia. They need to work on adding more promotions and keeping their existing users happy and engaged. I will rate this part 2/5.

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Additional Features of both bookies

Both bookmakers have exciting features that help bettors every day. These features make our lives easier and more fun, and many customers choose a particular bookmaker just because of features like Live-Streaming or Cash Out. Read below to find out which bookmaker offers better features, FanDuel or DraftKings. 

Live-Streaming: FanDuel Wins by a little 

Live-Streaming is a feature both bookies have. It is crucial for any bookmaker nowadays to provide this feature if they want to be one of the best. More and more customers choose to play on sites that offer this feature rather than sites that don’t.  

FanDuel takes the lead here only because, unlike DK, their live streaming feature is incorporated into the desktop and app versions. With DraftKings, you have to download a separate app to watch live games if you prefer to watch them on your mobile device. With FanDuel, you only have to open the “Live” menu in the app and enjoy any game you wish.  

Both bookmakers excel when it comes to the quality of streams and the lack of any delays. I will rate DK with 4/5 stars. FanDuel deservingly takes 5/5 stars home in this category. 

Cash Out 

Cash Out is a common feature that every punter needs in their arsenal. If you don’t know precisely what Cash Out is, I will explain. Cash Out is the opportunity to settle a bet before the end of the event you placed a wager on. By settling early, you get the chance to either:

  • Minimize your losses  
  • Secure your winnings 

For example, if you bet on the Underdog in a Football match, but after the first quarter, it seems like they will lose any way you can Cash Out and make sure you at least get some of your stakes back. If, after the first quarter, the Underdog is in the lead, but it isn’t clear which team will win at the end, you can Cash Out and secure your winnings. You don’t have to risk it every time, right? This feature gives a lot of flexibility to the punter and is very popular for that reason. Since the Cash Out amount is different for each game and each market because the odds change very fast, there is no way to compare the two bookies in that department. For some events, FanDuel wins, but for others, DraftKings does.  It is impossible to tell so that I will rate both bookies with 5/5 stars on this feature. 

Mobile App and Website Navigation: FanDuel Wins

DraftKings and FanDuel both have amazing and successful apps and websites. The designs themselves are breathtaking, and the navigation is easy-to-follow for both bookies. I personally like the FanDuel mobile site and interface better. It gives me better vibes, and the interface isn’t as crowded and dark as DK’s.  

FanDuel has a better site design that DraftKings the color scheme is lighter with better navigation. I rate the FanDuel site 4/5 stars.  

DraftKings developers bet on the darker colors, which may appeal to many people, but I like lighter schemes. The navigation of DraftKings is smart and innovative, but I don’t like it personally. 

Mobile Special Offers: DraftKings Wins 

Since both bookmakers have a successful mobile app, we will look at their mobile offers.  

DraftKings has a few mobile-specific offers that attract many people to download their app. I am giving the mobile offers of DraftKings 4/5 stars. 

FanDuel offers the same offers to both their mobile and desktop customers. They don’t have any offers specific to the mobile app, which is another aspect they need to think about. It is their choice, but it doesn’t help them win this battle. I will rate their mobile offers with 2/5 stars. 

Overall in this fictional duel, DraftKings definitely took the title. They have a better sportsbook by far and offer better bonuses and promotions. FanDuel might be close after them, but it is still not enough to take the title here.

The Sportsbook and Odds category is the most apparent difference in class. DraftKings has a wide variety of markets and sports available, while FanDuel only offers some popular events and markets. When it comes to popular sports like Soccer, Basketball, Football, or Ice Hockey, both bookmakers give their bets, but the numbers still show that DraftKings is better in this category.

The numbers speak again in the Promotions and Bonuses category. DraftKings offers many more bonuses, and they are fun and innovative, while FanDuel offers just a few dull offers. DraftKings is also more creative than FanDuel, and that is apparent when you look at their welcome offer and current promotions. They even thought to include Sportsbook Missions that give you many other rewards and make your experience different and fun. I can’t think of another bookmaker that put this much effort into their bonuses.

When it comes to the mobile app, both of them have successful ones, but I like the FanDuel design and interface better. The navigation is more comfortable for me, and the colors are more natural and fun to look at compared to the dark schemes of DraftKings. Even so, this doesn’t help the bookie take the trophy for themselves in this duel. 

Another bonus for FanDuel is that when I want to watch a live stream of a match, I prefer not to have too many apps on my phone, which is why FanDuel is better for me. The app is only one, and it is combined not like DraftKings, where I have to download a separate app just to watch a game on my mobile phone or tablet. Although the DK Live makes sense and it may be a fan-favorite among many of you, it is just not for me. 

FanDuel will have a lot to work on if they want to catch up with DraftKings. Hint: Focus on the Promotions, guys!